Enter the Battle logoThe full details for Enter the Battle at London’s Indigo2 on 28 November has been announced.

The concept of the event is to bring together streetdancers, extreme martial artists (XMA), breakdancers (b-boys) and trickers (stunts) together from across the UK for a unique competition and show.

“[This is] the most exciting concept to hit the scene in years,” said Steady from Flawless. “[I’m] so excited about this event. I have never seen so much talent in one place, from so many genres”

The competition will be broken into three categories: Street dance crew battles where 12 crews will battle for a prize of £3,000; B-Boy Last Man Standing where 16 breakers in a battle for endurance for £,1000; and Triple Threat, where an extreme martial artist, a b-boy and a tricker will battle each other using their respective disciplines for a prize of £2,000.

Chloe Bruce from Team Fusion XMA commented about Triple Threat: “It’s what the XMA world have been waiting for, I can’t wait. We have talked about bringing everything together for so long, finally it’s happening!”

There will also be special guest appearances from Rhimes LeCointe and Ukweli Roach from Streetdance 3D, Britain’s Got Talent finalists ICE and DNA, and appearance from Got to Dance‘s Akai.

Tickets for Enter the Battle are available now through TicketMaster priced from £21.25 .

Enter the Battle appearances

Akai (Winner Sky One’s Got To Dance)
Steady (Flawless)
The Robot Boys (Winners Denmark’s Got Talent)
Rhimes LeCointe (Streetdance 3D, Boy Blue Entertainment)
Mr Steen (High Voltage Man, Denmark)
The Future Crew (Young B-Boy Sensations)
Ukweli Roach (Streetdance The Movie 3D)
Phax (Slow Motion Dancer, France)
B-Boy Ivan The Urban Action Figure  (America’s Got Talent, U.S)
Big City Brains (Denmark)
ICE (Finalists Britain’s Got Talent)
DNA (Finalists Sky One’s Got To Dance)
Team Shaolin (Finalists Britain’s Got Talent)
Damien Walters (Stuntman Hellboy 2, Kick Ass)
The Bruce Sistaz (Team Fusion XMA)
Joe Hallett (Team Resurrection XMA)
Ryan Phillips (Team StageTrix XMA)