Michael Brea, the Ugly Betty actor whose name has recently been in headlines charged with murding his mother, has been discredited by show bosses as “just an extra” according to the New York Post.

AllStreetDance learnt of the news when it broke, finding numerous news reports claiming Brea was an actor in Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D all using the same source. Unable to find any credible sources crediting Brea in either film or TV series we decided not to run the news story for our readers.

Management at Ugly Betty have distanced themselves from Brea, branding him “just an extra,” while no statements from Step Up 3D have been published. A search for Michael Brea on the Internet Movie Database return no hits for Brea in Step Up 3D’s full cast and crew list.

Jim Nickas, second assistant director for Ugly Betty, said in the New York Post: “[Brea] worked two days on the first episode we filmed [for] season four,” then was quoted later in the article: “it is pretty lame that the headlines have read, ‘Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea’.”

Regarding Brea’s appearance in Step Up 3D, Nickas commented: “He has also been reported as being on Step Up 3D, which is kind of funny because my wife worked on that movie, and she didn’t remember him, either.”

Source: New York Post