Mark Gauden, also known as the Gingerbread Man on episode two of Sky One’s Got to Dance admitted that last night’s audition was only about 50 per cent of what he could have attained.

Speaking exclusively to AllStreetDance, he said “My audition was like not even 50 per cent of what I can give, because the second half of my audition is something I don’t even train.”

Gauden, 18, from Lancaster, was awarded a gold star by Ashley Banjo, but failed to qualify in front of judges Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt with his alias The Gingerbread Man.

He said: “For my performance I feel like I got a good story, that I got to put myself across, they [the producers] didn’t put it in the way that ‘Oh, he’s only got one star so he’s not good enough,’ they put it in the way of ‘You have actually got the skills but on this day you’ve done something that you’re not comfortable doing.'”

In regards to his audition he commented: “What I tried to do on the day is I tried to breakdance and I tried locking, and that’s not my style, that’s not my particular forte, I should say. I was quite naive to the competition, because I thought the judges will want to see I can do all these different things, when all they wanted to see is that I could do what I wanted to do, they just wanted to see me.”

Video: The Gingerbread Man Got to Dance audition

The Gingerbread Man, who is a trainee of Lancaster duo the Urban Jokers recently competed in the Streetdance XXL UK Championships in London, placing second in the solo adult category, and is determined to come back next year to audition for the next series of Got to Dance.

“In  a way I’ve set a foundation for myself, my little story, and hopefully I can come back and do really well.”