Got to Dance Live, the live exhibition themed on the Sky One dance competition was not going to make any money, according to the event organiser Media 10’s managing director.

According to Event Magazine, Got to Dance Live was postponed because it would not make any money back from ticket sales.

Lee Newton, managing director at Media 10, was quoted: “We only signed the contract with Sky just over a month ago, on the basis we would sell enough tickets, so it was always on a knife’s edge”

He also stated that they would rather postpone the event than work at a loss with fewer features and performances. The plug on the exhibition was pulled last Friday.

Since then a statement on the Got to Dance Live website announced:

“In staging Got To Dance Live, we are committed to the values that make the programme so popular and transferring these to a live celebratory and participatory dance experience, unique in scale, content and superior to any existing dance event.

“The partners (Sky, Shine Group and Media 10) remain totally committed to this principle, and to ensure it is not compromised in any way, have jointly taken the decision to postpone its planned launch from 2011 to allow for further collaboration and planning to fully realise these ambitions.”

Unverified sources also hint that the exhibition was given limited advertising opportunities outside of the television show, which trailed competitions for the event during the audition stages.

When Got to Dance Live was announced it was expected to attract over 20,000 visitors to the ExCel Centre in London, offering dance classes, Q&A panels with the judges and casting opportunities on 4-6 March.

While the exhibition was timed to coincide a week after the live Got to Dance final on 27 February, it was noted that it also took place a week before Move It at Kensington Olympia.

With Move It in it’s sixth year, some have speculated Got to Dance‘s exhibition may not have had the scope to compete.