Alter Ego Dance is looking for groups to perform Unified Dance Showcase 2011 on the 12 and 13 of August at the Campus West Theatre, Welwyn Garden City.

In its fifth year, Alter Ego is awaiting a final decision from three well-known companies interested in sponsoring the event, plus a possible television appearance for performers in the show.

“The idea for Dance Unified Showcase was inspired by a London dance event called Stylefest, where a discussion forums amongst dancers highlighted the need for the dance community to pull together and support each other rather than promoting the atmosphere of rivalry that seems common place between dance companies and schools,” said Brendon Hansford, director of Alter Ego Dance. “Little did we know that a movement was being created fuelled by a collective belief in our motto ‘Don’t talk about them, Talk to them.’ Belief that this simple strategy can avoid the unnecessary conflict caused by hearsay, rumours and gossip, helping companies and schools to communicate and work together.”

To persuade dancers to sign up, groups will also be offered a whole web page on to upload anything to advertise their company, plus information will be printed in the program so that the public are able to contact you after the show.

“By putting on this show we were initially hoping to build bridges with other companies and help others to do the same, helping towards developing a strong dance community who support each other,” Brendon added. “Since the very first show we feel that this show has helped us build old broken relationships and create some amazing new connections with dance groups and schools. It has done the same for many other groups”

Dancers and groups interested in Dance Unified 2011 should email with group name, choreographer’s name, contact details, a video of a performance and confirm they can perform on 12 August (under 18 groups) and 13 August (over 18 groups).