Below are the viewing figures for Got to Dance 2011, week by week with a break down of the main dancers from each episode using statistics compiled by Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB).

The statistics show that while episode two in the first week of Got to Dance achieved figures of 1.13 million viewers, spread across an average for that weekend the show never averaged more than a million viewers (991,500 average) over the double bill period.

After a slight drop in ratings in the second week, the next most popular week during the audition stages was Got to Dance episodes five and six reaching an average of 871,000 over both episodes on 16 January.

The most popular semi final was the second week (6 February) which included Adam Garcia as the Got to Dance special performance act.

The extended semi final shortlist episode drew the lowest ratings in the series at only 644,000 viewers.

Graphic breakdowns of week-by-week and episode-by-episode viewing figures can be found below.

Got to Dance 2011 viewing figures – week by week

Got to Dance 2011 viewing figures – episode by episode

Date Episodes Ratings/weekly average Dancers
02-Jan Got to Dance 2011
Episode 1


Got to Dance 2011
Episode 2


(Average of
853,000 + 1,130,000)

Happiness, Razzle Dazzle, Tom Sargeant, Tamara, Natalie Lennie, Streetomedy, Zodiac, Geek Chic, Duo, QMX, Levent, Trilogy, Eruption, Sean and Stacey, Karou and Kiara, Julz and Annalisa, Adam Sorrel, Theo – Mini King of Pop, Back 2 Back, Infamous Ranj, AJ Sensation, Just Jammo, Mark Gauden (The Gingerbread Man), Damhsa Dreams
09-Jan Got to Dance 2011
Episode 3


Got to Dance 2011
Episode 4


(Average of
866,000 + 724,000)

Miss Boombastic, Kenneth Martin, Trinity Warriors, Soul Sisters, Bones, Tap Attack, Ella, Recycled Teenagers, Antoinette Freeman-Danby, Hoop Guy, Simpy Rumba, Adam McMillan, Dance Dynamix, Unik Dance Crew, Nancy McAndrew, Decadence, Morgan, Bethany Whittle, Halle, Octavia, Super Funk, Synergy, DC49 Cheer, Elmes 3Style, Boony’s Lindy Hoppers, Chaotic, Attitude, Ground Zero, Dinatones, Lauren Hair, Blue Magic, Ghetto Grannies, Rok Chix
16-Jan Got to Dance 2011
Episode 5


Got to Dance 2011
Episode 6


(Average of
926,000 + 817,000)

Afshin, Chris and Wes, Here Come The Girls, Luke, Shockarellas, Alleviate, Podilya
23-Jan Got to Dance 2011
shortlist special
30-Jan Got to Dance 2011
Semi Final 1
953,000 Cerebro, Eruption, Alleviate, Chris and Wes, Luke, Podilya, Ghetto Fabulous
06-Feb Got to Dance 2011
Semi Final 2
970,000 Shockarellas, Turbo, Dance Dynamix, Damhsa Dreams, QMX, Ella, Guyz in Sync
13-Feb Got to Dance 2011
Semi Final 3
825,000 Octavia, Trilogy, Lauren, Elmes 3 Style, Tap Attack, Back2back, Two’s Company
20-Feb Got to Dance 2011
Semi Final 4
940,000 Mystic Force, Tamara, Trinity Warriors, Synergy, Razzle Dazzle, Liquid Metallic, Bolly-Flex