Illegal Dance, Avant Garde’s new show, is premiere at Stratford Circus this weekend before traveling to Dance Exchange in Birmingham.

The production is billed as an “immersive experience,” having recruited writer Inua Ellams to assist with writing the script and Nic Sandiland to provide audio and stage visuals.

“The piece is literally trying to bring a site specificness to conventional theatre space,” said Tony Adigun, artistic director of Avant Garde Dance. “So we’re using the theatre in all its entirety, trying to challenge the norm. Instead of sitting down and watching the stage we’re trying to encompass the audience within that piece.”

Illegal Dance is Avant Garde’s latest installation dance piece since The Bunker Thing which took place in a disused Dalston bunker, commissioned by East London Dance as part of The Big Dance 2010.

A website, has also been set up with as a series of viral videos to promote the show online.

Video: Avant Garde: Illegal Dance Exhibit B (YouTube)

Illegal Dance premieres on 5 March 2011 at Stratford Circus, then takes place at Dance Exchange, Birmingham on 26 March 2011.