B2B: Born 2 Burn, a card game in which you play the role of a b-boying crew leader, is to be presented at IBE 2011.

The strategic card game, based on a similar playing format to Magic: The Gathering will be released with an initial starter pack with 20 b-boy and b-girl cards, game board and instructions.

B2B: Born 2 Burn is in development under founder and product manager┬áMax Piedra Garcia, also known as MaxOne, and will be officially presented at IBE 2011 in September, with plans to expand into playing leagues based on the game’s success.

The currently confirmed b-boys and b-girls in the Born 2 Burn card game include:
B-Boy El Nino (Floor Lords Crew)
B-Boy Focus (Flo Mo Crew)
B-Boy Grazy (Fusion Rockers)
B-Boy Hill (Unik Breakers)
B-Girl Jess (Mighty Zulu Kingz)
B-Boy Katsu (All Area Crew)
B-Boy Lagaet (Momentum Crew)
B-Boy Lil G (Speedy Angels)
Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kingz)
Poe One (Mighty Zulu Kingz)
B-Boy Ynot (Rock Steady Crew)
B-Boy Maxone (Da Flavour Crew)

More information can be found at www.b2bthegame.com

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