Serious About Street Dance, the annual celebration of street dance organised by Kymberlee Jay, is to re-launch as a monthly battle ahead of its return on 16 March 2012.

The dance battles, organised by SuperBad Events and supported by NikeiD Studio, London, will include cash prizes plus a session with a NikeiD stylist to create the winners’ own personalised pair of trainers.

Six Serious About Street Dance: The Battles events will take place at University of London on the first Thursday of every month commencing on Thursday 6 October up until the main Serious About Street Dance event in March 2012.

Kymberlee Jay is an established choreographer, dance teacher, performance coach and Nike Athlete based in the UK who founded her own dance company, Funk Physics, to support and mentor training dancers.

Every spring Kymberlee organises and hosts Serious About Street Dance as a showcase of the UK’s best street dance talent at the IndigO2, London.

Serious About Street Dance: The Battles dates and styles

6 October – popping and hip hop battles
3 November – locking and LA style battles
1 December – krump and b-boy battles
5 January – house and secret track battles
2 February – waacking and new jack swing battles
1 March – vogue and crew battles

Information on registration and further events can be found at