All Street Dance works every day (including weekends) to bring you the latest street dance news. Today we’re taking the day off to unwrap our presents… Then wrap up yours!

What’s that? Wrap up yours?! Yes. But before we get to the good stuff there’s two things this Christmas:


We don’t ask alot of our readers but there is just one thing we’d really like this Christmas: Please write us a testimony telling us what we’re good and and where we need improvement.
Why? Because we want to hear what you think! Did we amaze you with our exclusives? Astound you with how fast we turn around a story? Or do you like interacting with us on Twitter?
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Why? Because there are more than 460 fans of street dance on Facebook and we’re going to give away a few free gifts to thank all our readers for visiting our site.
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One final thing: Do you remember our special edition TweetDance in August with the cast of StreetDance 3D? Expect TweetDance to make another comback in the new year!

Get ready for bigger things in 2012! Thanks to everyone that’s followed us, welcome to our new readers and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to  all from the All Street Dance team!