Floor Wars UK Qualifier (logo, black)The first Floor Wars UK qualifier has been announced, organised by Dirty Feet Dance Company on Saturday 25 February 2012.

It will be the first time the Danish b-boy battle has taken place in the UK with the winning crew having their flights and accomodation to the world final paid for, sponsored by Soul Powered.

“In past years there has been so many big names on this stage such as TIP Crew, Ichigeki, Hustle Kids, Flexible Flave and many more,” said Daniel ‘Didge’ Ovel of Dirty Feet. “One of the biggest learning curves for a b-boy is traveling to international jams and seeing different styles and levels from around the world, and this is a chance for a UK crew to do exactly that – for free!”

The judges announced so far are B-Boy Rufy of Flex Flav, Italy; Abe, Floor Wars finals Judge from USA; and a third to be revealed soon.

Floor Wars UK qualifiers will take place at Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AT at 1:30pm.

Floor Wars is a 3 on 3 b-boy (breakdance) battle event that takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, that has taken place annually since 2005 where battles take place within an arena style space to preserve the integrity and authenticity of b-boy competitions.

Other international Floor Wars qualifiers take place in Korea, USA, Italy, UK, France, Russia and Poland with preliminaries also in popping, footwork and toprock.

Finalists in Floor Wars 2011 included: Big Toe Crew, Flow Job, Jinjo Crew, Lionz Of Zion, Melting Force, Roxrite, Ruffneck Attack, Sonic, South B-Boy Front and Xisco.

Floor Wars is arranged by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community formed to practice and develop the dance forms of hip hop.

Dirty Feet, the organiser of Floor Wars UK, is a b-boy battle events organiser in the UK and a dance company which creates contemporary b-boy based theatre work. Their next event will be Dirty Feet 3.