The Hip OPSession b-boy battles took place today in Saint-Nazaire, Nantes, France.

Solo b-boy (breakdance), solo b-girl and 3 v 3 crew battles took place at Lieu Unique at the eighth annual Hip OPSession festival.

B-Boy Niek (Rugged Solutions) won the solo b-boy battle against B-Boy Lil Kev (Vagabond Crew) and B-Boy Kirill (Svoi Ludi Crew) in a three-way dance off, B-Girl Movie One (Lunaticks) won against B-Girl Narumi (Body Carnival) while Beast Kings from USA won the 3 v 3 b-boy crew battle against Total Feeling from France.

Hip OPSession is an annual hip hop festival in Nantes where more than 40 events take place celebrating urban cultures.

Results for Hip OPSession 2012 can be found below with winners highlighted in bold. Click linked names to read more about that dancer or crew.

Hip OPSession 2012 bboy battle results

B-Boy Kirill (Russia) v B-Boy Spin (UK)
B-Boy Slim Shayne (France) v B-Boy Steez (Japan)
B-Boy PickUp (Israel) v B-Boy Dani 97X (France)
B-Boy Lil Kev (France) v B-Boy Yiao (Italy)
B-Boy Lazy (Saudi Arabia) v B-Boy Teembo (Russia)
B-Boy Niek / Just Do It (Holland) v B-Boy Darwin (France)

Semi finals
B-Boy Kirill v B-Boy Slim Shayne
B-Boy PickUp v B-Boy Lil Kev
B-Boy Niek v B-Boy Teembo

B-Boy Kirill v B-Boy Lil Kev v B-Boy Niek

Hip OPSession 2012 bgirl battle results

Top 8 bgirls
B-Girl AT
(Finland) v B-Girl Bene (France)
B-Girl Lilipuce (France) v B-Girl Narumi (Japan)
B-Girl Macca (USA) v B-Girl L’abeille (France)
B-Girl Movie One (Spain) v B-Girl Flavor Roc (France)

Semi final
B-Girl AT v B-Girl Narumi
B-Girl Macca v B-Girl Movie One

B-Girl Narumi v B-Girl Movie One

Hip OPSession 2012 3 v 3 bboy crew battle results

Top 16 crews
Joyeux Loufoques (France) v All Area (Japan)
Dead Prezz (Greece) v Gangsta Flow (France) (tiebreak)
Beast Kingz (USA) v 7 Dollar (Singapore / Switzerland / Australia)
Espada (France) v Sticky Rukus (Finland)
Universal Alchemy (USA) v Dark Unit (France)
La Smala (France) v Original South Kingz (France)
Momentum Crew (Portugal) v Total Feeling (France)
Ghetlow Pirates (UK) v Eastside B-Boys (Ukraine)

Quarter finals
All Area v Gangsta Flow
Beast Kingz v Espada
Universal Alchemy v Original South Kingz
Total Feeling v East Side BBoys

Semi finals
All Area v Beast Kingz
Universal Alchemy v Total Feeling

Total Feeling v Beast Kingz