B-Boy Klesio is champion of Red Bull BC One 2012 South American qualifier after winning today in Monterrey, Mexico, and will go on to battle at the world finals in Brazil.

He defeated B-Boy Xandin in the semi finals to go on and battle B-Boy Gato in the finals.

Red Bull BC One 2012 South America qualifier is the third of six international qualifiers taking part ahead of the world finals to be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in December against previous qualifiers from this year, B-Boy Domkey (Red Bull BC One North America winner) and B-Boy Slav (Red Bull BC One Eastern European winner).

The judges were B-Boy Lil G, B-Boy Nasty Ray and B-Boy Moy.

Red Bull BC One 2012 South America qualifier winner and results

Winners of each round are highlighted in bold.

Top 16 b-boys
B-Boy Johny Breaker v B-Boy Klesio 0-3
B-Boy Wolverine v B-Boy Salo 0-3
B-Boy Lil Mouse v B-Boy Xandin 0-3
B-Boy Shucki v B-Boy Lil Drez 0-3
B-Boy Jandro v B-Boy Archi 0-3
B-Boy Roflow v B-Boy Luan 0-3
B-Boy Zkills v B-Boy Gato 0-3
B-Boy Dux M (formerly Naruto) v B-Boy Enano 0-3

Quarter final
B-Boy Klesio v B-Boy Salo 3-0
B-Boy Xandin v B-Boy Lil Drez 3-0
B-Boy Archi v B-Boy Luan 0-3
B-Boy Gato v B-Boy Enano 0-3

Semi final
B-Boy Klesio v B-Boy Xandin 2-1
B-Boy Luan v B-Boy Gato 1-2

B-Boy Klesio (Brazil) v B-Boy Gato (Mexico) 3-0

Red Bull BC One is an international solo breakdance (b-boy) battle that takes places internationally with the world finals taking place in a different city each year. Since 2004 Red Bull BC One world finals have taken place in Switzerland, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Paris, New York City, Tokyo and in 2011, Moscow.

The next qualifier will take place in New Zealand.

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