dancer-new-year-resolutionsAll Street Dance has collected a list of  New Year Resolutions for 2013 from its followers on Twitter to see who sticks to theirs next year!

The New Year Resolutions have been collected and embedded below which will remain online until we revisit them to see whether or not everyone has stuck to theirs. Expect us to check up on you in a few months!

The tweets below include those hashtagged under our tag #NewYearDANCEResolution and responses to our tweets ahead of the new year 2012/2013. If you’ve been notified of a mention via Twitter don’t forget to Find us on Facebook too! If you see your tweet below don’t forget to share this on your wall so others can participate too!

New Year Resolutions for All Street Dance readers

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All Street Dance followers New Year’s Resolutions

New Year resolutions for followers of All Street Dance. We kicked off the #NewYearDANCEResolution – are you included below?

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#NewYearDANCEResolution to do a piece of choreo that i will be a proud of and not mind showing people :)booitssian ✗
#NewYearDANCEResolution train harder and become better :)booitssian ✗
#NewYearDANCEResolution.. To be the best I can be..Lauren
#NewYearDANCEResolution TO NEVER NEGLECT THE BEAT. @allstreetdanceAaron
#NewYearDANCEResolution to get the best out of my dancers as possible and help.them progressSarah Gibbons
#NewYearDANCEResolution to every so often just have a round in a battle where I jerk/dougie and not mix any other style into it =]Fat Amy
#NewYearDANCEResolution not to say " i cant do it " and replace that with " i cant do it .. yet " @allstreetdancebooitssian ✗
#NewYearDANCEResolution too not care what any one thinks about me when i dance 🙂 @allstreetdancebooitssian ✗
#NewYearDANCEResolution.. try not say ‘I can’t do it’ ..Lauren
#NewYearDANCEResolution. To not be shy and just go for it..Lauren
#NewYearDANCEResolution Train house and poppingAyo Oloyede
#NewYearDANCEResolution Do more shows and learn choreo of any sort (contemporary, hip-hop)Ayo Oloyede
#NewYearDANCEResolution Get down in the scene moreAyo Oloyede
#NewYearDANCEResolution Be myself and feel the musicAyo Oloyede
#NewYearDANCEResolution To train harder and longer hoursAyo Oloyede
#NewYearDANCEResolution don’t be shy… just got for it!Shauna
@allstreetdance " #NewYearDANCEResolution Get in the circle. No one is judging you. Just get in the circle. " THIS SHOULD BE MINEbooitssian ✗
“@allstreetdance: #NewYearDANCEResolution Get in the circle. No one is judging you. Just get in the circle.” And KILLNiquelle SQUINTZ ™
@allstreetdance my resolutions: to find a class taught by @Fx_Flawless , and learn to spin on my head like @steadyflawlessLil Em
@allstreetdance my resolution is t2 learn foundation house & master the swirl lol. I went to a class in pineapple & failed. I will try againPopping Preeti
@allstreetdance To get my Street Fit class up and running in West London!Sophie Dewing
@allstreetdance to join a street dance group again (I left my other one) and to see Diversity Limitless tour :)Jessica Hall✌
@allstreetdance Our promise are that we will keep writing things about streetdance culture in Finland and give people reasons to danceFlowwimagazine
@allstreetdance to join a street dance group and to see Diversitys limitless tourDana_DVCHJLS
@allstreetdance to join a better street dance club and to see Diversity’s Limitless tour!Amy 1D DV
@allstreetdance: #MyDanceResolution is to become better and find a job with dance!Elizabeth(:
@allstreetdance to learn to do the splits (I’m nearly there!) and to get involved with more dance things than usual! 24/7!!!emilyshaw