The top 16 b-boys for Raw Circles 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium has been announced ahead of the world finals on 24 and 24 February 2013.


Eight b-boy pairings have been announced for Raw Circles 2013 world finals who will be competing against last year’s winners Bruce Almighty and Lagaet for the title.

Yet to be added are battlers from a Brazilian qualifier taking place on 27 January, four pairings from Japan, Korea, France and Ukraine (due to be announced shortly), plus an additional two pairings from the first day of the event will complete the top 16 bracket.

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Raw Circles is an annual 2 v 2 b-boy battle that takes place in Antwerpen, Belgium and consists of two days of battles and cyphers across the whole weekend.

The main event on day two includes a Circles Bash where secret judges seek out the best top style and breakers in an emphasis on cyphering without inhibitions ahead of the 2 v 2 battles in the afternoon.

Raw Circles 2013 will take place at Hangar 26 Rijnkaai, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2013.

Raw Circles 2013 World Finals line up

B-Boy Bruce Almighty and B-Boy Lagaet – Returning Champions (Portugal)
B-Boy Grazy and B-Boy Chey (Spain)
B-Boy Tim and B-Boy Nono (France)
B-Boy Kido and B-Boy Pick Up (Holland / Israel)
B-Boy Lil Zoo and B-Boy Yoriyas (Morocco)
B-Boy Kareem and B-Boy Tata (USA)
B-Boy Sam and B-Boy Mayo (Belgium)
B-Boy Petair and B-Boy Big Toni (Germany)
B-Boy Mix and B-Boy Deeogo – Momentum Crew (Raw Circles Europe)
With additional duos made up from:
Winners of Brazil qualifier on 27 January 2013
Two winners from Raw Circles day one qualifiers