The organisers of Chelles Battle Pro 2013 in France has announced its battle line up ahead of the event on 2 March.


Chelles Battle Pro is an annual b-boy competition that takes place in Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, an eastern suburb of Paris, with battles for crews, 2 on 2 b-boys and solo baby battles, plus showcase performances and workshops with the artists.

The judges of the battles will be Lilou and Dys Dys of France, Differ of Korea, Storm of Germany and Takeo of China.

Eight crews, duos and solo baby b-boys will battle for this year’s titles won by Fusion MC of Korea in crew battles; B-Boy Issei of Japan and B-Boys Kevo and Stripes of USA at Chelles Battle Pro 2012.

Chelles Battle Pro 2013 takes place at Complexe Maurice Baquet, 77000 Chelles on 2 March 2013 from 2pm

Chelles Battle Pro 2013 line up

Crew Battle line up
BBoy World Team (USA)
BMT/Mafia 13 (Russia)
Venezuela Team (Venezuela)
Top East Side Dogz (Russia/Ukraine/Holland/France)
Ici c’est Paris (France)
Momentum Crew (Portugal)
Jinjo Crew (Korea)
TBA (Taïwan)

2 on 2 Battle
B-Boy Minnesota Joe and B-Boy Shorty Bricks (USA)
B-Boy Lil Zoo and B-Boy Simo (Morocco)
B-Boy Fathi and B-Boy Khalil (France)
B-Boy Kolobok and B-Boy Minik (Ukraine)
B-Boy Bruce Lee and B-Boy Rush (Gamblerz)
B-Boy Vision and B-Boy George (China)
B-Boy James and B-Boy Thomaz (Holland/Poland)
B-Boy Killa Kolya and B-Boy Bambu Shaya (Kazakstan)

1 on 1 Baby Battle
B-Boy Jalen (USA)
B-Boy Anee (Japan)
B-Boy Macé (Mexico)
B-Boy Killa (Ukraine)
B-Boy Leelou (Holland)
B-Girl Terra (UK)
B-Boy Jake (Reunion Island)
TBA (France)

Vagabond Crew
CJM’S & Cyborg Wolf

B-Boy Lilou (Pockemon)
Dys Dys (Phase T)
B-Boy Differ (TIP)
Storm (Battle Squad)
Takeo (Spartanic Rockers)

Live Band
Higher (France)

Lilou (Tricks)
Storm (Footworks)
AT (B-Girl)
Alien Ness (Foundation)