R16 b-boy championships is to come to the UK for the first time on Sunday 26 May 2013.


The R16 UK B-Boy Championships preliminaries will take place in the venue OPEN in Norwich with the winning crew placing in the European finals in Lille, France, with travel expenses and food included.

Crews of up to eight breakers will battle judged under R16’s unique OUR judging system: Objective, Unified, Real time; by five judges judging on the aspects of Battle, Execution, Foundation, Dynamics and Originality.


The concept of the OUR judging system is to eliminate judge bias and inform non-breaking audiences of how a large-scale b-boy competition is judged with a live score updated by the judge in each category running an app on a handset, relayed back to a projection system to show scores developing as they happen.

The unique system allows for each of the scores to be printed off to show how each battle progressed according to each of the judge’s ratings. While a similar system is yet to be implemented in the UK, all R16 qualifiers and battles are judged using the OUR system with certified judges.

The R16 2013 world finals take place in Seoul, Korea, July 6 2013 following a series of international qualifiers.

R16 UK BBoy Championships details

Venue address: Open, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, NR2 4SF
Time: 14:00

Registration: r16.uk.2013@gmail.com

OUR B-Boy System category judges
 ill Boogs – (Born to Rock / Breakin Bread)
Originality: B-Boy B-Boy P – Bad Taste Cru
Dynamics: B-Boy Worm (Force 10)
Execution: B-Boy Pepito (7 Dollars)
Battle: B-Boy Mouse (Floor Gangz / Mighty Zulu Kingz)

£5 per competitor (access to both qualifiers & finals)
£5 for kids under 16, for the 2-6pm qualifiers
£7.50 for 2pm-6pm qualifiers
£10 for 8pm – 12am finals
£12.50 for both qualifiers and finals

R16 is an annual urban arts festival held in Korea which started in 2007. Supported by the Korea Tourism Organization, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the city of Incheon, it was developed to champion the growth and creativity of urban youth cultures.

The festival also includes a celebration of graffiti, street markets and other activities, although the main focus is often on the b-boy battles for which R16 is best known for. Past winners of R16 Korea include All Area Crew (2009), Gamblerz Crew (2008) and Rivers Crew (2007).