All Stars 3D, the new street dance movie from Vertigo films, has released a new extended trailer ahead of its release on 3 May.


All Stars is a spin off of the Street Dance 3D movies starring Akai Osei, winner of Got to Dance series one, in a leading role opposite Theo Stevenson, star of Horrid Henry 3D.

The two minute extended trailer gives a broader look at scenes from the movie including a brief appearances of Boy Blue Entertainment choreographer and co-founder Kenrick Sandy and singer Dionne Bromfield. The trailer also uses the song Raise Em Up by Alonestar with Ed Sheeran as a soundtrack.

Akai plays the lead role of Jayden alongside Theo Stevenson as Ethan, best known for his role in the Horrid Henry movie in which Akai also starred, along with a cast made up of mainly BBC actors: Ashley Jensen, known for her role in Ugly Betty and Extras; Ashley Walters (Asher D) from So Solid Crew, and Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud make up the main All Stars film cast, with additional appearances from Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered) and John Barrowman from Dr Who.

While All Stars is a follow up street dance movie from Vertigo Films there is no storyline relation between it and Street Dance 2. However, a casting call in February 2012 announced the movie under the working title of Street Dance Juniors, describing it as a “spin off franchise” of the Street Dance films.

While Kenrick Sandy, who co-choreographed the original Street Dance 3D, appears in the trailer, choreography for All Stars was overseen by Bruno Perrier and Vicky Mantey, also of Boy Blue Entertainment.

All Stars 3D synopsis

Shy kid Jaden (Akai) teams up with loudmouth Ethan (Theo Stevenson) to raise money to save a youth club doomed in the cutbacks. Their plan – put on a super-ambitious dance show. Trouble is, Jaden’s been banned from dancing by his parents and Ethan can’t dance one bit. And the other members of their new crew turn out to be total misfits.

The result is a funny and spectacular roller coaster ride through East London and the crazy world of kids’ imaginations.