B-Boy Neguin and Amy Secada of Kinetic Jungalist Movement is seeking funding to create a multimedia dance project using capoeira and urban dance using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

They are looking to raise $10,000 towards production costs with an initial scope to produce a short film, then produce a 15 minutes duet for stage and develop it into a one hour show.

Akal explores the relationship between thinker and thought, so we’re exploring concept of perspective and subjective reality; points of focus and ways that you can paint your reality through controlling your every day thoughts,” explains Amy Secada.

Akal Project will build upon work Neguin and Amy Secada worked on in 2011 called Vertente Unica (Italian for “The Only Interpretation“) and implement projection technology, costuming and a live score with their backgrounds in dance and capoeira.

“Amy and I have been planning, sewing, recording the music, and choreographing since January and now we have a couple offers to share the new piece in Europe and Brazil in the fall,” said Neguin on his Facebook page. “We are utilising a fusion of interactive multimedia technology, Capoeira, dance and futuristic couture costume design to portray a mundane yet transformational part of the human experience, the relation between the thinker and the thought.”

The extended project will include projections and an creating a live original score orchestrated by Bevin Robinson, who has worked with rappers Mos Def and Busta Rhymes.

In exchange for financial backing perks such as autographed t-shirts, DVDs of the show and passes to the premiere of the show are on offer.

“I have dedicated my life to my dance and I am thrilled to inspire our community,” continued Neguin. “Any donations however small will help us make this beautiful piece of art come to life!”

Amy Secada is one of New York City’s most influential and progressive urban dancers, recognised for her unique afro-urban style derived from New York’s jungle and bass music culture. Originally from New York City, Secada grew up in the underground rave scene and house clubs of the late 90s while studying Capoeira and African dance extensively, producing internationally acclaimed hip hop theatre work and has danced for Madonna and Fergie.

B-Boy Neguin of Tsunami Allstars from Brazil is Red Bull BC One Champion 2010 and part of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, a line up of elite breaking athletes.

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