Eurobattle 2013 took place this weekend at Exponor in Oporto, Portugal with dance battles in breaking, locking, house and popping.


Judges at Eurobattle 2013 were  Fabrice for hip hop, Pepito Fractal for popping, Kenzo for locking, and Deeogo, Pedro, Lagaet, Mix and Bruce Almighty for b-boying.

Winners from the UK included Prototype and Plague in the hip hop category, Marvel in the popping cypher, and B-Boy Manny in the footwork cyphers.

Eurobattle is an international hip hop dance event that takes place over the course of the weekend in Oporto, Portugal, with a mission to promote urban dance world wide.

Earlier this month Eurobattle UK qualifiers were announced from 17-19 May 2013 in Birmingham.

Eurobattle 2013 Portugal winners and battle results

Winners for each of the final rounds can be found in bold

Popping Semi Final
Marvel v Poppin J
Tiboun v Djow Boogz

Tiboun v Poppin J

Bboy Semi Final
Team Vinotinto v Bad Trip Crew
Top East Side Dogz v DF Zulu Breakers

Bad Trip Crew v Top East Side Dogz

Hip Hop Semi Finals
Luffy and Tonbee v Blackalicious
Prototype and Plague v Baloo and Idriss

Blackalicious v Prototype and Plague

Locking Semi Finals
Hakim v Will Locking
Mao v Sugar Rae

Hakim v Sugar Rae

Locking Cypher Winner: Willocking
Popping Cypher Winner: Marvel
Hip-hop Cypher Winner: Idriss
Top Rock Winner: Chakal
Bonnie and Clyde Winners: Movie 1 and Krock
House Dance Winner: Jo-l
1 v 1 b-boying Winner: Luan
2 v 2 b-girling Winner: Movie 1 and Tania
Footwork Winner: Manny
Baby Battle Winner: Titas
Power Moves Winner: Lil G

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