Believe hip hop dance documentary follows Juste Debout 2012 winner Ben Wichert produced by independent film maker Stefan Muller of KAIZENPICTURES – you can watch it in full here!


Independent filmmaker KAIZENPICTURES recently completed Believe, a documentary based on the journey of German hip hop freestyle dancer Ben Wichert, of Legion X crew, from training and battling to competing and winning at Juste Debout 2012 in Paris.

The documentary follows Ben’s personal life, speaking to friends and family of the dancer to explore his background in Germany, how he trains in dancing and his attitude to becoming successful through his passion where he and battle partner Salas emerged as champions in the hip hop category at Juste Debout 2012.

Watch Believe: Ben Wichert documentary

As well as being an experienced dancer and battle champion in the hip hop dance world, Ben Wichert was also a finalist on the German version of Got to Dance on the TV stations Pro7 and Sat1.

Believe was filmed and edited by Stefan Muller, a cinematographer and the individual behind KAIZENPICTURES, based in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Making hip hop dance documentaries that represent the voice of hip hop dancers, their philosophy is to improve the perceived prejudice against hip hop culture through emotive film making that captures the moment.

Believe synopsis

Dancing is more than a passion. And living off dancing is more than a dream! This documentary is about Ben Wichert, a freestyle hip hop dancer, who realised that only discipline, power, character and faith can make the difference. Grown up in Germany he promised his parents to graduate and take an ordinary job. The support of his friends, as Ben is saying, was essential to follow his dreams at the same time. Today, Ben is the first German winner of Juste Debout and was finalist of the TV show Got to Dance.