The All Stars DVD and Blu-ray goes on sale Monday 26 August 2013, starring Akai Osei and Theo Stevenson.


The DVD and Blu-ray of All Stars, the spin off to the UK Street Dance movies, goes on sale bank holiday Monday 26 August, distributed by Entertainment One.

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All Stars DVD extras

  • Fun On Set With the All Stars
  • Behind the Day Dreams
  • Dancing With Akai
  • Dancing With Sapnay
  • BMXing With Keelan Phillips
  • The Best Actor: Dom v Ashley
  • Trailer

Akai plays the lead role of Jayden alongside Theo Stevenson as Ethan, best known for his role in the Horrid Henry movie in which Akai also starred, along with a cast made up of mainly BBC actors: Ashley Jensen, known for her role in Ugly Betty and Extras; Ashley Walters (Asher D) from So Solid Crewand Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud , with additional appearances from Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered) and John Barrowman from Dr Who.

Choreography for All Stars was overseen by Bruno Perrier and Vicky Mantey, also of Boy Blue Entertainment, with Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante providing music.

All Stars DVD Product Description

Two incredible kids with an extraordinary dream… to bring together a group of misfits and put the show of a lifetime in order to save their beloved youth centre. Told through a series of spectacular set pieces and fantasy sequences, All Stars is a heart warming, funny and visually stunning take on the dance movie genre. Starring Theo Stevenson (Horrid Henry), Akai (Street Dance 2, Got to Dance), Kimberley Walsh and John Barrowman.

All Stars movie: main cast

Ethan: Theo Stevenson
Jaden: Akai Osei-mansfield
Gina: Ashley Jensen
Mark: Ashley Walters
Andy: Kevin Bishop
Mr Hart: Hugh Dennis
Simon Tarrington: Mark Heap
Kelly: Javine Hylton
Matthew: John Barrowman
Trish: Kimberley Walsh
Amy: Fleur Houdijk
Tim: Dominic Herman-day
Rebecca: Amelia Clarkson
Brian: Gamal Toseafa
Lucy: Hanae Atkins
Kurt: Kieran Lai