The Battle of the Year world finals took place this weekend in Braunschweig, Germany this weekend with Fusion MC of Korea emerging as world champions.


Battle of the Year (BOTY), sometimes referred to the “world up of breaking” took place on Saturday 19 October in Germany returning after a three-year stint in Montpellier, France.

The annual international b-boy tournament at its original venue, the Volkswagen Halle in Braunschweig, Germany after qualifiers in Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Japan, Belarus and Germany.

Fusion MC of Korea battled The Ruggeds of Netherlands in the finals after defeating B-Town Allstars of Germany in the semi finals.

Full tournament results for all entered crews will be published on the official Battle of the Year website, soon.

Video: Battle of the Year 2013 final: Fusion MC v The Ruggeds

Battle of the Year 2013 results

Semi finals
B-Town Allstars (Germany) v Fusion MC (Korea)
Flooriorz (Japan) v The Ruggeds (Netherlands)

Fusion MC v The Ruggeds

Best show: Flooriorz

Judges: Focus (Finland), Ken Swift (USA), Swift Rock (Germany), Wing (South Korea), Yaman (France)

BOTY tournament crews: B-Town Allstars (Germany) De Klan (Italy) Floorriorz (Japan) Hunters (Belarus) KGB TC Unity (Taiwan) Knucklehead Zoo (USA) Melting Force (France) S.I.N.E Crew (Vietnam) Soul Mavericks (UK) Space Unlimited (Nigeria) Unstopabullz (Israel) Vinotinto (Venezuela) WaveOmatics (Greece) The Ruggeds (Netherlands) Fusion MC (South Korea)