Alien Ness will not be able to judge at Breakin’ Boundaries tonight due to a problem at Heathrow customs.

His apology was posted at 13:00 today on the UK B-Boy forum detailing the problems he encountered and has been copied in below.


upon ariviving last nite (wensday march 10th) to london, i was detained at customs AS ALWAYS (damn wankers)

originaly i was detained because i didnt have a printed out itinerery showing my return flite. despite the fact that they had computers and internet in the office i was being questioned, they didnt let me get on to show them my intinerery in my emails.

instead, they collected my luggage for me, and had me stand they while they searched it, they found a few alien ness dvds i was bringing to give out to some peeps.

since i dint want them to think i was a bootleger or such thing, i explained to them that i was alien ness, and that the dvds were gifts i was giving to friends.

this raised suspicion, and they naturaly assumed that i was a proffesional dancer coming to london to do work without a work permit. i swear to you all i was not getting paid to judge at BB, i was coming to look out for my lil sis cynide and spend my bday weekend in london with my son machine.

they started to examine my passport more, realized it was my 3rd (i do alot of traveling) and then realized that ive been in europe for a long time. despite the fact that im never in 1 country for more than a week, and legaly i can stay in a country for 3 months, they claimed i wasnt supposed to be in europe as a whole for that long.

i have been questioned about this before but it was never an issue cause im never in spain more than a week, and im never in a diffrent country for more than a weekend, but i guess the old chick questioning me had her period or something and decided to put me on the next flite back to spain.

(which was wierd in itself cause if i did break any laws they would send me back to the states not back into europe where they calimed i was there to long.

again, my upmost regrets and apologies to cynide and everyone else who is a prt of breaking bounderies, spectators included. i feel like its my fault for not having a printed itinerery, but i honestly think the lady had it in for me because of the attitude she gave me the whole time.

im sure breaking bounderies witll be a great event with or without me and i hope everyone had a great time.

i love the uk, and london especialy and have gone there with or without the work just to chill with my peeps, so i plan on taking a quick trip back home and come back just so ths doesnt happen again.

love, peace and godspeed to all that made breaking bounderies possible, aswell as the communty of dancers that makes london one of my favorite places to visit.

see you all again soon

[Alien Ness]