Boy Blue - Over the Edge Magazine (cropped)Ahead of the opening night of Over the Edge at the Barbican, Boy Blue Entertainment artistic directors Michael ‘Mikey J‘ Asante and Kenrick Sandy were interviewed by group dancer Bradley Charles.

Interview with Boy Blue Entertainment about Over The Edge

In the interview Kenrick and Mikey J speak about their switch from their last feature-length show, Pied Piper, to Over the Edge, reality television’s impact on dancing and Kenrick’s involvement with Streetdance 3D.

Boy Blue - Over the Edge magazine

“It’s not been stressful, but it’s been challenging, because we’ve been in Piper mode for time,” said Kenrick. “So to come out of the and create a brand new show has been very refreshing, but it has been challenging because Pied Piper has created a benchmark.”

Mikey J added: “We’ve got something fresh and I just want to share it, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Over the Edge takes place at the Barbican from 21-25 July as part of Boy Blue’s two week Shades of Blue residency. Read a preview of the Over the Edge on our sister website, TooMuchFlavour.