Butlins Dance Crew thumbnailButlins has started promoting its street dance festival at its Minehead resort with surprise public performances using under cover dancers.

The dancers, B-Boy Brolin, B-Girl Nads, B-Boy Feel, B-Boy Explosif, and B-Boy MouStef, collectively representing as the ‘Butlins Crew,’ took to the high street disguised as members of public and surprised passers by with open circle freestyles.

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As announced at the start of the month, Britain’s Got Talent finalists Peridot and Twist & Pulse will be headline performers for Butlins StreetDance Festival on 19-22 November, with Diversity previewing a routine from their forthcoming UK tour.

“Shoppers had the time of their lives when they saw the phenomenal performances,” said Mike Godolphin, head of entertainment at Butlins. “This was only a hint of what we’ve got on offer for the UK’s dance fans.”

Butlins StreetDance 2010 video