Battlefront 3: Beat The Streets Wacky Rymel (provisional image)Wacky Rymel, a dancer from London, is campaigning with his series Beat The Streets for Channel 4 series Battlefront documenting the aspirations of young campaigners on a mission to change their world.

“My campaign is all about getting young kids off the streets and into dance,” said Rymel. “I feel that a lot of young people are turning to a life of crime, and now is a chance for us as a community to help each other and help get them doing better stuff with their lives through dance.”

Rymel Lawrence, 18, also known as Wacky Rymel, runs street dance company EscenTrick, since completing an artistic development programme at the Hackney Empire and recently won MTV’s competition, Good for the Hood. He also runs his own clothing label, WackyWear.

Video: Rymel Mission Statement – Beat the Streets (YouTube)

Rymel’s Battlefront 3 campaign will run from July 2011 to March 2012 and will be documented on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Channel 4 commissioned Raw Television to produce a third series of its award-winning youth campaigning project Battlefront, starring a group of young people with big ideas, big hearts and big ambitions.

With the help of experienced mentors and a dedicated Battlefront team, Battlefronters build fully-fledged campaigns, taking issues that matter to them and raising the profile of those causes to national and international attention via this July.

Jo Twist, commissioning editor at Channel 4 Education, said: “The success of Battlefront is impressive proof that young people are not apathetic and self-centred, as some might believe, and that they have the power to change the world.”

She continued: “We want Battlefront 3 to be an even bigger platform, across every platform, to amplify the voices and drive of Britain’s young people across a variety of fresh causes. Through social media, real-time data, stunts, events, and mentor expertise, the Battlefront brand will enable even more young people to get their campaigns to a wider audience than ever before and make the world a better place. It will be the barometer of Britain’s youth.”

Battlefront is a Channel 4 Education commission produced by Raw Television.

Battlefront 3 and Beat the Streets social networks

About previous Battlefront campaigns

The first season of Battlefront saw the launch of successful campaigns on a range of diverse subjects including gun and knife crime, and a mission to start the first National Youth Orchestra in Iraq.

Battlefront 2 followed a new group of equally passionate teens and between them, they have gone face-to-face with the Prime Minister, set world records with Olly Murs, taken teen-sex issues to Hollyoaks, pulled off flashmobs at Westfield Shopping Centre, sung campaign songs with McFly, set up anti-gang mentoring schemes in primary schools, pioneered Cyber Safety Weeks in Swindon, challenged airbrushing at London Fashion Week, and launched Let’s Talk Disability festivals in London.