Dancers from Animaineax have collaborated with dancers from Soul Mavericks, ZooNation and Boy Blue Entertainment to form The A-Team Corporation, a super crew consisting of elite dancers with different identities and styles.

The A-Team Corporation is made up of four entities that form the crew, each representing their individual identities and special abilities: Animaineax, Angel, The Air Keepers and The Annihilation Brothers.

Video: The A-Team Trailer (YouTube)

The collaboration between the choreographers and dancers from different companies aims to highlight the unity of the UK dance scene with the group aiming to perform as a company, corporate gigs, enter competitions and hold masterclasses.

The A-Team Corporation also plan series of performances as part of a national tour in December.

Each of the members has considerable industry experience including dancing for Jason Derulo, JLS and N-Dubz, competing in international competitions including the UK B-Boy Championships. Group members Mark Calape of Animaineax and Lee Crowley of The Annihilation Brother were also contestants on BBC So You Think You Can Dance.

Animaineax were Move Like Michael Jackson winners in 2009.

The A-Team Corporation members line up

Jeffrey Felicisimo, Mark ‘Swarf’ Calape, Ryan ‘Rynamo’ Ramirez, Immanuel Matt Macadangdang

The Air Keepers
Ess Green, Rob Anker

The Annihilation Brothers
Gavin Vincent, Lee Crowley

Suki Wong

A-Team Corporation has also set up their an website, and, and earmarked the hashtags #ATeamCorporation on Twitter