Floor Wars UK Qualifier (logo, black)Soul Mavericks are the winners of the Floor Wars UK 2012 qualifier in London after defeating their tertiary squad in the finals.

Their victory means they qualify for the Floor Wars world final in Denmark in March and will join seven other international b-boy crews in a 3-on-3 crew battle.

27 crews entered Floor Wars UK in total, with Soul Mavericks entering several different squads, several of which made the bracketed rounds and so battled each one other.

Video: Floor Wars UK 2012 finals

Floor Wars UK 2012 bboy battle – results

The winners of each round are show in bold

Quarter final
Soul Mavericks (1) v Trinity Warriors
Soul Mavericks (2) v La Familia
Soul Meezy v B-Squad
Soul Mavericks (3) v Rain Crew

Semi final
La Famillia v Soul Mavericks (1)
B-Squad v Soul Mavericks (3)

Soul Mavericks (1) v Soul Mavericks (3)

Floor Wars is a 3 on 3 b-boy (breakdance) battle event that takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, that has taken place annually since 2005 where battles take place within an arena style space to preserve the integrity and authenticity of b-boy competitions.

Floor Wars is arranged by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community formed to practice and develop the dance forms of hip hop.