Kia is looking to get people across the globe to dance their way to the opening match of EURO 2012 or win a new Kia Picanto with Kia Dubstep Contest.

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The Kia Dubstep Contest calls for international entrants to dance a short dubstep dance routine to DJ Flux Pavilion’s I Can’t Stop track and will be judged by Korea’s Got Talent‘s first winner, dancer Joo Min Jeong and DJ Flux Pavillion.

The eight finalists will win a trip to Euro 2012 that will include flights, hotels and a ticket to watch the Euro 2012 opening match in Warsaw, Poland, with the grand winner of the competition winning a new Kia Picanto car.

A tutorial video is available for entrants to learn the moves from Joo Min Jeong ahead of submitting their routines.

Video: Kia Dubstep Contest – Tutorial #1

Can you dance better than All Street Dance?
We entered the Kia Dubstep Challenge ourselves by entering a video of ourselves dancing to I Can’t Stop using both arms then mirroring ourselves to create a freakish symmetrical electro dancer – do you think you can better us and win? Enter the Kia Dubstep Competition here!

Enter the Kia Dubstep Challenge competition

  • In order to enter the Kia Dubstep Challenge all entries must have the dubstep tune I Can’t Stop by DJ Flux Pavilion within their entry
  • Participants can enter alone or as a team (there is no limit to participants) but please keep in mind that a maximum of 2 can claim the prize to Euro 2012 and must not be classified as a minor in their country of entry
  • Full terms and conditions of the Kia Dubstep Challenge can be found on their Facebook page here
  • The Kia Dubstep Challenge Contest ends on Sunday 13 May

Video: Kia Dupstep Contest – Behind the Scenes

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