streetfunk-iphone-dance-app-logoStreetfunk has released a dance app that is available on the iPhone and iPad showing users how to street dance.

Video: Streetfunk dance app trailer

The dance app, developed by TrustCo media, teaches basic introductions to b-boy steps, moves, and tap funk fusion moves through video tutorials tought by Streetfunk tutors JP Omari, Sasha Biloshitsky and Lee Payne, that can be purchased through the app separately or as a whole package.

The app also allows the user to browse photo galleries and view updates from Streetfunk’s social networks.

Streetfunk is a dance school founded by choreographer JP Omari and based in Brighton and Hove that teaches hip hop dance classes across Sussex.

The Streetfunk app is available to download on the iTunes store for free, although additional tutorial content requires in-app purchases. A minimum of iOS 4.2 is required for the app to run on devices.