movement-for-hope-bboy-championshipsThe UK B-Boy Championships has partnered with the charity Movement For Hope in order to raise awareness of neurological conditions through dance.

It is the second year that Movement for Hope, a charitable organisation which aims to raise awareness and support for neurological conditions internationally through collaborative multimedia art projects [definition], has collaborated with the UK B-Boy Championships.

Video: Movement for Hope: Live For Today

The World Health Organisation estimates one billion people are affected by a neurological condition that affects the brain and spinal cord, the leading cause of disability worldwide, a statistic Movement for Hope aim to raise awareness of through dance and a presence at the world finals.

“Considering the world’s population is less than seven billion people, this means as many as 1 in 7 people worldwide have a neurological condition,” said a spokesperson for Movement for Hope. “Not all neurological conditions are severely debilitating or fatal, however for the scale of neurological illness to be especially high, it certainly deserves more attention.”

The UK B-Boy Championships are collaborating with Movement for Hope on a series of direct research projects to raise awareness for neurological diseases and disorders within the central nervous system.

Raising funding towards basic medical supplies for our project in Africa next year the charity will take 20 dancers and volunteers to Nairobi, Kenya, in partnership with Awareness Through Dance (ATD), whom have spearheaded the dancers’ involvement to deliver basic medical and clothing supplies to the Nairobi Hospital, hold dance workshops and to engage in a cross-cultural dance collaboration with professional dancers in Nairobi.

“Our partnership with UK B-Boy Championships for the World Finals events raise public consciousness on the issue of neurological illness and we hope to inspire dancers and the local community to get involved.”

Past related hip hop and dance events Movement for Hope have worked with include the Nicola Project’s Only the Strong Survive dance battles and the UK Beatbox Championships.

More information on Movement for Hope and their campaigns can be found at