Jump Off street dance battles are to return on 28 January 2013 at Scala London near Kings Cross with a £10,000 prize for the winning crew. 15 battles will take place starting on 28 January through to August in the lead up to a grand final in September to decide the champion.


The last season of Jump Off street dance battles saw Prototype Crew defeat Soul Mavericks and winning the cash prize.

Video: Prototype v Soul Mavericks Jump Off 2012 final

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As with last year’s battles a £1,000 prize is on offer for any crew that wins five consecutive times in a row who will then be retired to give other crews a chance to compete.

Video: Prototype Top 10 Moments at Jump Off 2012

Jump Off 2013 auditions are open for anyone wishing to participate in the new season in street dance crew battles, MCing, producing, modelling, booty shaking and a newly added singing competition.

Registration is now open – entrants for any of the competitions should register with Jump Off online (link opens in new window).

Jump Off Street Dance battle rules

  • Crews of 5-8 members battle for 10minutes; 5x 1 minute round each.
  • After every round the music will change (5 songs in total).
  • Winner stays on, win five events in a row and you win £1,000 and are retired.
  • The best two crews over the 15 weeks face off in the Grand Finals.
  • The winner bags £10,000

The Jump Off street dance battles are recognised as being the nesting ground where dance groups such as Diversity, Flawless, Boy Blue Entertainment, Plague and Animaineax battled individually and as crews before they found commercial fame on stage, in competitions and on television.

Jump Off street dance battles formerly took place at Astoria, London, before the venue closed down for demolition in 2009. While their live events, which included battles and showcases for models, dance crews, unsigned artists, comedians, producers, MCs and booty shakers, was put on hiatus, the brand continued as an international online urban entertainment website, JumpOff.tv.

In 2012 Jump Off returned as a live event first at Fabric London night club before it moved to Scala near King’s Cross where it presently takes place.