Juste Debout UK 2013 took place today in London with qualifiers in hip hop, popping, locking and top rock.

juste debout uk 2013

Juste Debout UK took place at the Camden Centre near Kings Cross organised by Clara Bajado of InDaHouse and Vicki Igbokwe of Uchenna Dance Company.

Juste Debout, or ‘just stand up’ when translated from French, is an annual street dance competition for stood up dance styles held in Paris in the disciplines of hip hop, experimental top rock, locking, popping and house dance.

Ed Spoons goes through to Paris in March in toprock; Badness Crew is locking winners; Young Soul won the hip hop category; Shawn and Holistic took popping and Serial Stepperz (Mogwai and Neo) won house dance.

Juste Debout UK 2013 results and winners

Toprock quarter finals
Short Bread v Itali Pino
Ed Spoons v Nene Taps
JDK v Foggy
Angry Abdul v Teflon

Toprock semi finals
ItaliPino v Ed Spoons
Foggy v Angry Abdul

Toprock finals
Ed Spoons v Foggy

Locking quarter finals
Badness Crew v ?
Cally and Tomo v Choco Fresh
Brooke and T Wild v Tommy and Dharmz
Optimus Funk and Inga B v Tobias and Reloaded

Locking semi final
Badness Crew v Cally and Tomo
Brooke and T Wild v Optimus Funk and Inga Be

Locking finals
Badness Crew v Optimus Funk and Inga Be

Hip hop quarter final
? v Kenrick and Supermalcom
Saul and April v Men In Black
Criminalz v Kieran and Chi
Young Soul v ?

Hip hop semi final
Kenrick and Supermalcom v Men in Black
Criminalz v Young Soul

Hip hop final
Men in Black v Young Soul

Popping quarter final
Alper and Marvel v Kieran and Paris
Brooke and Dickson v Louise and Ramelle
Breakz and Boogie v Street Factory
Shawn and Holistic v Natalie McParland and ?

Popping semi final
Brooke and Dickson v Alper and Marvel
Boogie and Breakz v Holistic and Shawn

Popping final
Brooke and Dickson v Holistic and Shawn

House quarter finals
Ladies at Work v Serial Stepperz
Jen and Tomo v Kashmir and Frankie
Yousef and Alec v Shiela and Botis
? v Willis and Diggy Rose

House semi final
Serial Stepperz v Frankie and Kashmir
Yousef and Alec v Willis and Diggy Rose

House finals
Serial Stepperz v Willis and Diggy Rose

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