B-Boys Bruce Almight and Lagaet representing Portugal are Raw Circles 2013 champions for the second year in a row.


They defeated Kido and Pick Up of Holland and Isreal respectively in the finals to emerge as returning champions in Antwerp, tonight. Bruce Almighty and Lagaet were Raw Circles 2012 champions previously.

Raw Circles is an annual 2 v 2 b-boy battle that takes place in Belgium and consists of two days of battles and cyphers across the weekend.

Raw Circles 2013 results

Winners are highlighted in bold

Top 16
B-Boy Rome and B-Boy Ferdinand v B-Boy Mix and B-Boy Deeogo
B-Boy Kido and B-Boy Pick Up v B-Boy Grazy and B-Boy Chey
B-Boy Kareem and B-Boy Tata v B-Boy Lil Zoo and B-Boy Yoriyas
B-Boy Sam and B-Boy Mayo v B-Boy El Brisinio and B-Boy Billy Boy
B-Boy Lagaet and B-Boy Bruce Almighty v B-Boy Lil Shlag and B-Boy Magnum
B-Boy Kolobok and B-Boy Gymnast v B-Boy Niggaz and B-Boy Abdel
B-Boy Issei and B-Boy Shuvang v B-Boy Step One and B-Boy Kap
B-Boy Tim and B-Boy Nono v B-Boy Luka and B-Boy Klesio

Quarter finals
Mix and Deeogo v Kido and Pick Up
Sam and Mayo v Kareem and Tata
Lagaet and Bruce Almighty v Kolobok and Gymnast
Issei and Shovang v Luka and Klesio

Semi finals
Pick Up and Kido v Kareem and Tata
Lagaet and Bruce Almighty v Issei and Shuvan

Kido and Pick Up v Lagaet and Bruce Almighty