Watch Juste Debout 2013 online live stream of the world finals as it happens today in Bercy, Paris, with All Street Dance!


The live stream will take place at 2pm in French time (GMT +1) and can be viewed below via Canal Street.

Battles will be taking place in the categories of hip hop duets, locking duets, popping duets, house duets and experimental solos, with the eventual winners becoming world champions in their individual discliplines.

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Watch Juste Debout online: live stream 2013

More information
In order to watch the Juste Debout live stream you may need JavaScript and Flash enabled on your browser and it may not work on mobile devices. Can you see a grey box but no countdown? You need to refresh the page. Once the countdown hits zero you may also need to refresh the page for it to play.

The live stream stars at 2pm in France, or 1pm in UK time – check your time differences if viewing internationally at You may also have to adjust your computer’s settings to the current time in France for the video to start playing! The stream is not hosted by us and we’re not responsible if you can’t watch it due to technical difficulties.

About Juste Debout

Juste Debout (“just stand up”) is an international and annual dance competition founded in 2001 by Bruce Ykanji in France which focuses on standing street dance styles. The world finals takes place live in front of an audience of 16,000 people.