The dancers Les Twins and YAK Films, the online dance channel, is to release a Blu-ray of new and classic performances, One Shot.


One Shot will be released on 24 July 2013 in Japan and include 29 videos of Les Twins dancing in various locations across the globe, of which five are previously unseen footage.

One Shot on Blu-ray will be released by Music On! Entertainment and Sony Music Distribution Itaku (Japan) Inc will distribute, although no region code on the item description denotes whether or not it will only play in Japan or if it is region-free (Asian Blu-rays may not play in European or American players).

Update: One Shot will also be released in the USA also on 24 July

YAK Films is an international production team of film makers and music producers renowned for their high end videos of freestyles, battle videos and dance tutorials with some of the world’s most inspirational dancers and has accumulated over 120 million views on their YouTube channel so far. Besides numerous Les Twins collaborations the videos that brought them to mainstream attention was of local Oakland dancers Turf Feinz in 2009.

Les Twins is Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, two identical twins from Sarcelles, France and founding members of Criminalz Crew. Currently dancers for Beyonce, they reached critical dance fame after winning Juste Debout in 2011.

Les Twins x YAK Films One Shot Blu-ray track list

List includes title, location, year and music used

Studio – Sony Music Studios, Tokyo, Japan – 2012 – Legend Da Beatslaya “iSlay2″(New Film – Unreleased)
Temple – Toyokawa Inari, Tokyo, Japan – 2012 – B’zwax “Space Melody”(New Film – Unreleased)
Tokyo Pop – Tokyo, Japan – 2012 – Hardwell “Spaceman”(New Film – Unreleased)
The Royal Exchange – London, UK – 2013 – SoFlly “Straight Things”(New Film)
Rug Dealers Remix – San Diego, CA – 2010 – Insightful “OwOw”
Times Cop – New York, NY – 2011 – Traxamillion “Got Nuthin On Me”
Golden State Remix – San Francisco, CA – 2010 – B’zwax “Golden State”
Phone Home – Paris, France – 2009 – Traxamillion “808”
An Industry Ahead – Rodeo, CA – 2010 – B’zwax “Industry Ahead & Atomic Blast”
Winter Flight – Tokyo, Japan – 2012 – Astronote “90’s Love”
Game Time – New York, NY – 2011 – B’zwax “Game Time”
Treasure Island One Shot – San Francisco, CA – 2013 – Viramaina “Ancient Cultures (custom)”
Tunay Ink Remix – Las Vegas, NV – 2011 – B’zwax “Candy Paint”
Lil’ Beast Roadside – Las Vegas, NV – 2011 – Clear Blue “Awakenings”
Ca Blaze Roadside Remix – Las Vegas, NV – 2011 – B’zwax “Roadside”
Les Twins Tutorial – Part 1-4 – Paris, France – 2011 – B’zwax “All The Little Dolls”
Larry Tutorial Part 1-4 – Paris, France – 2011 – B’zwax “The Yoyo”
Laurent Tutorial Part 1-4 – Paris, France – 2011 – B’zwax “Salute”
Yak Like You Know – New York, NY – 2013 – B’zwax “Native Interlude”, Viramaina “Ancient Cultures” (New Film – Unreleased – Introductory video)
Behind the Scenes – Tokyo, Japan & New York, NY – 2012-2013 – B’zwax “Atomic Blast”, “Salute”, “Space Melody”, Beatslaya “iSlay”, Astronote “90’s Love”(New Film – Unreleased – Making video)