B-Boy Arex from Colombia is the winner of the Red Bull BC One Latin America qualifier 2013 winner and has earned a place in the world finals in Seoul, Korea in November.


He defeated Tizon of Guatemal in the top 16 to meet Harry from Mexico in the quarter finals, meeting Lil Drez from Colombia in the semi finals, facing Hill of Mexico in the final.

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The top 16 was made up of 14 international cypher qualifiers plus two locally qualified breakers from yesterday: B-Boy Mighty K and Lil Drez.

Red Bull BC One Latin America Qualifier 2013 results

Judges: Pelezinho, Luigi, Lego

Top 16
Winners highlighted in bold, judge ratings shown next to names
B-Boy Harry (Mexico) v B-Boy Baby (Brazil) 2-1
B-Boy Arex (Colombia) v B-Boy Tizon (Guatemala) 3-0
B-Boy Leony (Brazil) v B-Boy Roflow (Peru) 3-0
B-Boy Lil Drez (Colombia) v B-Boy Balto (Cuba) 2-1
B-Boy Hill (Mexico) v B-Boy Dani (Chile) 3-0
B-Boy H2 (Venezuela)v B-Boy Giroshi (Brazil) 1-2
B-Boy Mixa (Brazil) v B-Boy Mighty K (Colombia) 3-0
Shady (Venezuela) v Fack (Argentina) 0-3

Quarter finals
B-Boy Harry v B-Boy Arex 0-3
B-Boy Leony v B-Boy Lil Drez 1-2
B-Boy Hill v B-Boy Giroshi 3-0
B-Boy Mixa v B-Boy Fack

Semi finals
B-Boy Arex v B-Boy Lil Drez 3-0
B-Boy Hill v B-Boy Mixa 3-0

B-Boy Arex v B-Boy Hill

Future Red Bull BC One 2013 qualifier dates and cities

Sunday 4 August
Red Bull BC One Latin American Finals – Bogota, Colombia

Saturday 17 August
Red Bull BC One North American Finals – Houston, Texas, USA

Sunday 30 August
Red Bull BC One Middle East and Africa – Amman, Jordan

Saturday 14 September
Red Bull BC One Western Europe Finals – Naples, Italy

Saturday 28 September
Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe Finals – Ukraine, Kiev

Saturday 12 October
Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Finals – Fukuoka, Japan

Saturday 30 November
RED BULL BC ONE WORLD FINAL 2013 – Seoul, South Korea