B-Boy Gravity of 5 Crew Dynasty and Dynamic Rockers is Red Bull BC One 2013 North American champion and has qualified for the world finals in Seoul, Korea in November.


He defeated Lancer of the Calamities Crew in the first rounds to face Jeremy of Havikoro Crew in the quarter finals, graduating on to Flexum (Knuckleheads) in the semi finals to win against Ben (Knuckleheads) in the finals.

“I knew I had the title in round one of the final battle, to be honest. I did everything I was supposed to do. B-Boy Ben is nasty, I felt like he was trying to strategise on me so I had to strategise more and throw my best tricks at him, said Gravity after his win. ”

Gravity joins Arex of the South American qualifier in the world finals.

“I didn’t get invited to the World Finals – I earned it – and nobody can take that from me,” Gravity continued. “I’ve got a couple of months to prepare and I’ll be working double time but I’ll definitely be ready. Now is the celebration but the moment I’m back on home turf, it’s time to work.”

The judges for the North American qualifiers were Pelezinho, Wicket and El Nino.

Afterwards Wicket commented: “The level of competition tonight was intense. Basically it came down to who was hungry and who was consistent throughout the whole night – and that’s why Gravity won.”

Red Bull BC One 2013 North American qualifier results

Winners are highlighted in bold. You can watch the live stream broadcast again, below


Top 16
B-Boy Gravity v B-Boy Lancer
B-Boy VicNice v B-Boy Jeremy
B-Boy Lil Rock v B-Boy Knuckles
B-Boy Flexum v B-Boy Keebz
B-Boy NastyRay v B-Boy Ben
B-Boy Sawel v B-Boy Vicious
B-Boy Kareem v B-Boy Whorah
B-Boy Mijo v B-Boy Dang

Quarter finals
Gravity v Jeremy
Knuckles v Flexum
Ben v Sawel
Kareem v Mijo

Semi finals
Gravity v Flexum
Ben v Kareem

Gravity v Ben

Red Bull BC One 2013 world finalists so far
Arex (Colombia)
Gravity (USA)

Future Red Bull BC One 2013 qualifier dates and cities

Sunday 4 August
Red Bull BC One Latin American Finals – Bogota, Colombia (watch again!)

Saturday 17 August
Red Bull BC One North American Finals – Houston, Texas, USA (watch again)

Sunday 30 August
Red Bull BC One Middle East and Africa – Amman, Jordan

Saturday 14 September
Red Bull BC One Western Europe Finals – Naples, Italy

Saturday 28 September
Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe Finals – Ukraine, Kiev

Saturday 12 October
Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Finals – Fukuoka, Japan

Saturday 30 November
RED BULL BC ONE WORLD FINAL 2013 – Seoul, South Korea