Watch the Juste Debout live stream of the world finals in Paris here on All Street Dance! Check out the finalist line up below.


Update: See Juste Debout 2014 winners, results and battle brackets!


The Juste Debout live stream starts at 6pm GMT +1 hour. Ahead of the live stream a countdown timer will show until broadcast. You may have to refresh the page once it hits zero!

Watch Juste Debout online: Live stream of 2014 world finals – Paris

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Juste Debout 2014 World Finals line up

Juste Debout 2014 Popping Top 8

Yamato and Rixy
The Gipsys
Symbiotics Monsters
Yanka and Ness
Dynasty Diamondz
Marabout & Samir

Juste Debout 2014 House Top 8

Kobo Power
Nalita and Katya
Hyrossi and Shuho
Hiro and Mamson
Malcom and Yugson
Saki and Taiki
Perla and Dee
K and Frankwa

Juste Debout 2014 Locking Top 8

Ina and Bana
Ryan and Tony Flower
Locking Fighters
Badness RR
Loic and Manu
Luplo D Flo
Vovan and Funky J
A Train and Willow

Juste Debout 2014 Hip Hop Top 8

Aldo and P-Dog
Rochka and Waydi
Akihico and Wapper
Majid and Franky Dee
Old Timerz
Bauka and L’eto
Marcio Ratinho and Batalia
Jeka Bar and Kadet

Juste Debout, or ‘just stand up’ when translated from French, is an annual street dance competition for stood up dance styles held in Paris in the disciplines of hip hop, experimental top rock, locking, popping and house dance. Each year a series of international qualifiers take place in select categories for each country to decide who will battle at the world finals.

Juste Debout 2014 will be the last competition for two years as Bercy, the stadium where the world finals take place, will undergo renovations.