Stylefest LogoPopping:

Quarter finals
Ssik Tingz v Shivengo 2-1
Lean v Chris X X 1
Faye Rai v Boogie 1-2
Jit Su v Breaks/Grego 3-0

Semi finals:
Ssik Tingz v Chris 2-X
Boogie v Jit Su 2-X

Ssik Tingz v Boogie


Quarter finals:
Turbo v Kashmir 3-0
Penguin v Lisa 3-0
Aaron v Alper X-2
Jaffy v Jordan 3-0

Semi finals:

Turbo v Penguin 2-1
Alper v Jaffy 3-0

Turbo v Jaffy

New style:
Quarter finals:

Rhimes and Manica v Luciano and Talent 3-0Jilly and Static v Kashmir and Penguing TB 3-0
Chris and NG v Lisa and Fidosh 3-0
Turbo and Bruno v Mustafa and Luke 3-0

Semi finals:
Rhimes and Manica v Kashmir and Penguin 3-0
Chris and NG v Turbo and Bruno 0-3


Rhimes and Manica v Turbo and Bruno

Quarter finals:

Louis v Tobias 3-0
Theo v Jitterbug X-2
Turbo v Nemesis 2-X
Righteous v Richard 2-X

Semi finals:
Louis v Jitterbug 3-0
Nemesis v Righteous TB 0-1 (Nemesis defaulted as Turbo withdrew – he was already in the finals for house and new style)

Lewis v Righteous

Stylefest was part of East London Dance’s Dance Currents 2010 season at Stratford Circus.