Regional Conflict Finals 2010 thumbSoul Mavericks has qualified for the 2010 Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships in October.

Jut Su and Polskee Hitman both qualified for popping, while B-Boy Spin won the solo battles.

Soul Mavericks entered two teams, Soul Mavericks This and Soul Mavericks That, with their ‘This’ squad qualifying after defeating La Familia in the final round.

It marks the third year that Soul Mavericks has qualified for the world finals. In past years the crew qualified in 2007 and 2009, but also appeared in 2008 as seeded qualifiers when China dropped out.

You can read the full event report on Regional Conflict at TooMuchFlavour.

Below are the detailed results. Breaking had five judges, while popping had three.
An X symbolises a drawn vote. Some battles went into several rematches.
Winners are highlighted in bold.

Breaking solos
Quarter finals

Ruckus v Ben Jammin 3-2
Lee Roc v Spin 5-0
Kazuki v Manny 2-x-2, 5-0 TB
Mid Air v Lady Boy 3-2

Semi finals
Ruckus v Spin 1-x-3
Mid Air v Kazuki 0-4

v Kazuki 4-1

Quarter finals
v T-Pop 3-0
Roo Popper v Holistic 1-2
Cartoon v Robotnic 0-3
Trevango v Mechanicool P 1-2
Ssick Tingz v Uncle A 1×1,TB, 1-2
Special K v Jut Su 0-3
Zac v Shuffles 3-0
WMP v Polskee Hitman 0-3

Quarter finals
v Holistic 1×1, 2-1
Robotnic v Mechanicool P 2-1
Uncle A v Jut Su x-2
Zac v Polskee Hitman x-2

Semi finals
v Robotnic 2-1
Jut Su v Polskee Hitman 2-x

Jut Su
v Ricochet 2-1

Crew battles
Quarter finals
Trinity Warriors
v Floor Riders 3-2
Heavy Smokers v Soul Mavericks This 0-5
Soul Mavericks That v Foundations 2-3
Ghetlow Pirates v La Familia 0-5

Semi finals
Trinity Warriors v Soul Mavericks This 0-5
Foundations v La Familia 0-5

Soul Mavericks This
v La Familia 3-2