Street Dance XXLBelow are the results from the Street Dance XXL UK Championships 2010 (formerly the Street Dance Weekend) at the Excel Centrer on Sunday 25 July.

For detailed results and full score breakdowns, visit the G Force Productions website.

Place Dance group Score

1st Masters of Movement 91

2nd Ghost Youth 83

2nd Protocol 83

4th Prodigy 80

5th Futunity UK 77

6th Ebonessence 76

6th Abyss 76

8th Futunity UK 74

9th Streetjam 68

10th Revelation 66

11th Aliex 64

12th Ebonessence Juniors 64

13th K2 61

14th Identity 60

15th God’s Gift 59

16th Urban Jokers 55

17th Street Vibes 54

18th T21 52

19th Street Tag Crew 44

20th T21 Youth 43

21st Interlude 41

22nd Jumpin’ Juniors 38

23rd First Impressions Juniors 37