The 16 b-boys competing in the Red Bull BC One 2010 in Tokyo has been revealed this week.

In its seventh year, Red Bull BC One 2010 takes place on November 27 at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan, where the battle arena will be constructed inside the stadium originally built for the 1964 Olympic Games. Tickets have already sold out.

Video: Red Bull BC One 2010 trailer

Red Bull BC One is an annual one-on-one b-boy battle for 16 of the world’s most elite and unique b-boys, held in a different city every year. Past winners include B-Boy Lilou, who featured in recent DVD release about b-boy lifestyles, Turn It Loose: The Real Street Dance.

Return contenders include B-Boy Taisuke from Japan, who also featured in Turn It Loose and B-Boy Neguin from Brazil, who made it to the quarter finals of the competition held in New York in 2009.

The event will be broadcast live on the Red Bull BC One website at 7pm Tokyo time (11am UK)

Red Bull BC One 2010 line up

B-Boy Airdit (Germany)
B-Boy Beast (South Korea)
B-Boy Gravity (United States)
B-Boy Just Do It (Netherlands)
B-Boy Kapu (Brazil)
B-Boy Keyz (France)
B-Boy Kill (South Korea)
B-Boy Kleju (Poland)
B-Boy Lil G (Venezuala)
B-Boy Luigi (United States)
B-Boy Marcio (France)
B-Boy Neguin (Brazil)
B-Boy Pluto (Poland)
B-Boy Taisuke (Japan)
B-Boy Thesis (United States)
B-Boy Toshiki (Japan)