Universal has released information about the routines, soundtrack and special features for the Step Up: The Official Dance Workout DVD.

The DVD is a fitness spin off of the popular Step Up dance movies, using dance routines influenced by sequences in the films as a basis for a street dance workout.

The DVD includes a walkthrough split into three sections at a half pace, moving on to the ‘Steps Combined’ at a full speed, then graduating to the ‘The Dance Out,’ combining all sections at full pace.

Tobias Mead, Britain’s Got Talent finalist, also features on the special features section in a club routine, as well as a look behind the scenes with the crew.

Step Up: The Official Dance Workout is out on 27 December and is available via Amazon.

Step Up: The Official Dance Workout DVD details

Studio Warm Up – A walk through of some basic steps to warm up those muscles
Club Nu Flo – Crew member, Smiles, walks through some of the smoothest moves from this cool street dance style
Street Urban House – Crew member, Taylor, lays down some killer moves and really tests dancers skills
Audition Dance – Crew member, Missy, shares her slick and sexy style and teaches some of the hottest moves from the coolest dance videos
Nu Wave Hip Hop – Crew member, S-Jay, showcases the freshest moves around
Top Rocking After Dark – Crew member, Matt, pushes street dance skills to the limit
Ultimate Club Showcase – Link all the moves together with a couple of new steps thrown in
Throw Down Chill – Warm down and stretch out aching muscles

Step Up The Official Dance Workout soundtrack list

Flo Rida – Low
Brit and Alex – Let it Go
Ciara feat. Missy Elliott – Work
K.C – Cheese
Drew Sidora – ‘Til the dawn
Missy Elliott – Shake Your Pom Pom
Ciara feat. Chamillionaire – Get Up
Run DMC – It’s Like That