A new promotional video for Step Up: The Official Dance Workout DVD has been released online featuring Britain’s Got Talent finalist Tobias Mead.

The DVD is a fitness spin off of the popular Step Up dance movies, using dance routines influenced by sequences in the films as a basis for a street dance workout.

Tobias Mead features on the special features section of the Step Up: The Official Workout DVD presenting a bonus club routine and a look behind the scenes with the crew.

“In this DVD you’re going to see house, you’re going to see toprock, you’re going to see breakdancing,” he says in the video. “It’s not just for fitness… you need versatility. It gives you that edge, that certain flare. If you’re in a club or a competition and you’re doing something other than just one style and you’re mixing them together you’re going to blow people away.”

Video: Tobias Mead talks about street dancing (Step Up: The Official Workout DVD extra)

Step Up: The Official Dance Workout is out now available via Amazon.