Juste Debout 2011 took place at Bercy, Paris last night where dancers competed in house, locking, popping, hip hop, toprock and experimental battled international dancers to be Juste Debout Champion.

Preliminary qualifiers took place internationally, including for the first time in London at Juste Debout UK 2011 where Brooke and Dickson, Kashmir and Turbo, and B-Boy Spin qualified to represent the UK internationally in popping, house and toprocking respectively.

However, it was the B-Boy Matthias from Switzerland in toprocking, Co-Thkoo from Japan in popping and Toyin and Tasha from that won in house.

Les Twinz from France who emerge winners in hip hop, while Hurrikane and Firelock won in locking and Andreas in experimental.

Video: Juste Debout 2011 –  Highlights of the finals (YouTube)

Winners in each category at Juste Debout 2011:

Les Twinz – hip hop winners
Hurrikane and Firelock – locking winners
Co-Thkoo – popping winners
Toyin and Tasha – house dance winners
B-Boy Thias – toprock winner
Andreas – experimental