Akai - Disney Channel Shake It Up Dance DanceAkai is to be the face of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up: Dance, Dance, a new initiative inspired by the channel’s comedy series Shake It Up.

The contest gives fans aged 6-16 the opportunity to learn some of the signature dance moves from the show.

The best performance voted by visitors online will win a selection of big prizes, including having their winning dance shown on air, a holiday to Los Angeles and a dance master class with Akai.

Video: Akai Shake It Up: Dance Dance! video for Disney Channel (YouTube)

Akai recently promoted Shake It Up for the Disney Channel ahead of Move It 2011 at Kensington Olympia, teaching a group of amateur dancers before showcasing at the annual dance exhibition.

Tips for dancing  from Akai can be found on the campaign’s website, www.disneychannel.co.uk/dancedance where participants can download music to dance to and upload their entries to the site.

Shake It Up on the Disney Channel is comdedy series about best friends CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne) and Raquel “Rocky” Blue (Zendaya) whose dreams of becoming professional dancers are realised when they become background dancers on the most popular teen dance show, Shake it Up, Chicago.