Rudeye Dance Agency, the professional dance agency that holds weekly classes at Pineapple Dance Studios, is to open its first flash mob dance class.

The class takes place at Pineapple Studios in London and the routine is performed as a flash mob in Central London on the last Saturday of each month with themed flash mobs planned to mark key dates and events throughout the year.

The inspiration behind the flashmob class came from talking to dancers who attend classes at Pineapple Studios.

“Our classes are a mix of professional dancers and people who just dance for fun. The non-professionals come because they simply love street dance and use it as a great way of keeping fit, healthy and for the social advantages a dance class brings,” said Stuart Bishop, artistic director of Rudeye. “From talking to them we found they also had a desire to show off the routines they learned in class in a way of performance, [and] with this knowledge the idea of the flash mob class was born.”

The class, led by Kira, is on Saturdays 12-1pm at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. The class is open to all abilities and people can join in with the class at any time to join in choreography.