Salah is collaborating with Dance Xchange Birmingham for Breathe the Beat, a unique digital project using online video tutorials and regional outdoor events, according to Breakin’ Convention.

The online Breathe the Beat video tutorials using Salah’s PABE (Popping, Animation, Boogaloo, Effect) style will be an interactive experience where users will be able to learn Salah’s moves and styles and also gain an insight into his inspirations from and interpretations of everyday life using visual imagery.

Salah is popping world champion and last year reached the finals at the UK B-Boy Championships 2010.

Video: Breathe the Beat Teaser: Music of Life ft. Salah (YouTube)

In total there will be five tutorials, each with a different style and theme, which will be released every three weeks, forming a 25 minute full-length masterclass.

Users will then be encouraged to then create their own personal tutorials, taking inspiration from their own lives, then filming their creation and uploading it to the website,, for a chance to see Salah perform live.

Also involved will be Brooke Milliner and B-Girl Roxy, who will feature in the tutorials and during regional events and masterclasses throughout April 2012.

DanceXchange (dx) Birmingham, in partnership with Regional Dance Agencies DanceFest, Dancescape and Dudley Performing Arts, is leading the dance programme created for public spaces around the West Midlands from summer 2011 to the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Autumn 2012.

More information on Breathe the Beat can be found at